Why Porcelain Pavers?

Porcelain Pavers:

Porcelain paver is one of the best materials for swimming pools, backyards, and outdoor. It offers different solutions with a high decorative level and contemporary vision in your space. It has a resistant performance under cold weather conditions, harsh chemical materials, and frost that provides a high decorative level.

Passing time does not wear out Porcelain Pavers and it is usable following methods: raised flooring with supports, directly on top of gravel or soil, or using the traditional solution with adhesive. The monolithic slab has a square single work-size in a thickness of 20 mm, easier than other trim tiles on uneven edges.

Porcelain Pavers has a versal side: it is lighter and more functional than cement-based concrete and natural stone, assured that load-bearing capacity and strong to breakage with enabling design continuity with any flooring fitted indoors.

Many reasons to choose since it is easy to clean and stainproof, does not any special applies, its maintenance demands particularly easy-going.

An array of trim tiles completes the line, unable to obtain a truly outstanding finished outcome, get in touch our professional design & sales team for any further or clarification.

Application Type: Pool Decks

Because of their durability, Porcelain Pavers has a wide complete range of usage on outdoor flooring. They can be used at the sea level homes or in the mountains, your swimming pool, decks, etc. A range of Porcelain Pavers are specially designed for full coordination with 3/8” (10mm) interior slabs and swimming pools. It is compatible with both skimmer and overflow filter-edged pools.

Application Type: Yard

When you want to make your dream come true, we always try to work with top quality materials. Porcelain Pavers are there to fulfill our needs and desires for our gardens. They are perfectly designed to be solutions to advanced garden and Street furnishing. Solutions that created for your project excellently. With its special designs you can gone wild with your creativity.

Application Type: Public Areas

The Porcelain Pavers collections created to respond public areas needs. Special designed pieces forms a harmony with flooring because of its modular approach to design. Therefore, it can be used for both small and large spaces. Its modular and practical design simplifies your work with top quality.

Installation Type: Raised Floors

If you are in a situation where you need to lay infrastructure, or a floor that can be taken up easily for inspections, or a tile that needs to be changed, the installation on raised polypropylene supports of Porcelain Pavers in a perfect solition.

This known as a dry installation solution, since, there is no need for grout or adhesives. Prepearing a surface for the tile is very fast and practical, also, can used immediately.

Raised dry installation provides perfect drainage because of the gap between tiles and the elevated surface and subfloor.

Since, there is a gap between elevated surface and the subsurface, pipework and wiring requres only the lifting the tile no need to break the tiles, no extra cost.

Installation Type: Directly on Grass

The Pocelain Pavers are highly durable that they can simply layed on a grass. They can use in heavy foot traffic routes. It is ideal for your walkways, barbecue ares and gazebos in the garden.

Installation Type: Directly on Sand or Gravel

Porcelain Pavers can be installed directly on top of soil and gravel. Since, there is no need for adhesive or grout it can be used immediately after easy and fast installation. Tiles can be taken up for different applications. A Creative and easy solution with top quality features to achieve fabulous looks.

Installation Type: Standard Adhesive Installation

20mm thick Porcelain Pavers are very durable that can be a perfect solution for the surfaces where vehicles drove over. It is installed using adhesives on a properly prepared concrete slab. Also, its anti-slip feature makes it the best solution for swimming pools and spas. With its vast range of sizes, Porcelain Pavers mixes both beautiful view and practical use with a vast range of colors in addition to its low maintenance and ease to clean.